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Below are some of the past broadcasts available for download.

Appropriate Water Substitutes    What other drinks can I substitute for water in my diet?   

Running time: 9:33
Are You Serious About Accountability    Why do I need to be frank and earnest with my friends and family during my weight loss journey?   

Running time: 8:40
The Blessing Of Boredom    How do I deal with the issue of boredom?   

Running time: 6:02
Carbs Carbs Carbs    What are Carbohydrates? Are some carbs better than others? Should I avoid carbs?   

Running time: 6:33
Loosing Weight Not The Relationship    What if I'm worried that as I lose weight, I will grow apart from my significant other?   

Running time: 8:29
Making Not Finding    What if I can't find the time to do the things I need to do to lose weight?   

Running time: 4:09
The Purpose Of Fat    Is it true that my fat cells will forever be with me, keeping me fat?   

Running time: 7:11
The Reality Of Plateaus    What should I do when weight loss slows down or even stops?   

Running time: 6:04
What Is Your Ideal Weight    Everyones weight needs to be individualized.   

Running time: 10:28
A Word To The Discouraged    Help for those in danger of falling away because of a lack of progress.   

Running time: 6:13